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This book has not been written to compete either with school-textbooks, neither with SPANISH GRAMMAR books of 500 or 800 pages, aimed at University students and teachers.

This is a work directed to students and/or teachers of Primary and Secondary schools who wish to have compiled in 1 volume the numerous RULES and EXCEPTIONS - concerning Morphology and Syntax - which are "scattered" along the more than eighty lessons that may include studies of Primary and Secondary courses.

Due to the book format and number of pages this GRAMMAR provides EASY handling.

The structure and summary tables will be EASY to understand and memorize.

Because of its 40 pages about "Special Difficulties", and its 33 models of IRREGULAR verbs, you had wished to have been able to consult it long ago.

Its "INDEX" General “50 CLUES” and Alphabetical will make searching EASY.

The INDEX entitled “50 STEPS” is for structuring the teaching in 50 progressive steps from minor to greater difficulty.

The information given in the ANNEX about SPAIN will be also very useful for you all.

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- Tannay GARDENS -

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Castillo TEMPLARIO (Ponferrada)

Castillo TEMPLARIO (Ponferrada)
Castillo Templario * PONFERRADA (León)

domingo, 5 de abril de 2015


ĒOSTRE deriva del proto-germánico *austrō, como también de la raíz proto-indoeuropea *aues-, "BRILLAR". Es evidente el vínculo entre Eostre y la diosa griega del amanecer "EOS" ("La Aurora" de los romanos).

* Grimm señala la relación entre la "brillante" Ēostre y el viento del este, que es el "Espíritu de la LUZ" llamado AUSTRI, mencionado en La Edda en prosa.

OSTARA como diosa de la FERTILIDAD -asociada al comienzo de la PRIMAVERA- es una deidad del "amanecer" o del "despertar" de las fuerzas germinativas, de modo que conceptualmente, a pesar de la ausencia de otras fuentes, el testimonio de Beda puede tener un real asidero, en medio de la bruma del Mundo Mitológico de los pueblos del NORTE de Europa.

* Guido von List afirmaba que "Ostern" era el festival del MATRIMONIO del Dios Sol con la Diosa Tierra, concibiendo a Ostara como una representación de las fuerzas femeninas generadoras.

* * * * *

Unlike many other pagan holidays, ÖSTARA does not have its roots in Celtic tradition, rather in ancient Anglo-Saxon beliefs. The holiday is thought to have derived its name from the fertility goddess EOSTRE, whose own name comes from the Germanic word for “east.”

The GODDESS is typically depicted as a young woman surrounded by light
and budding trees and flowers, symbolizing her association with DAWN 
and the coming of LIGHTof the SPRING season.

Symbols like eggs, rabbits and spring flowers are also associated with the GODDESS
speaking to the fertility and renewed LIFE she is believed to bring.

EASTER eggs...

The traditional coloring and giving of eggs at EASTER

has very pagan associations.

For EGGs are clearly one of the most potent symbols of FERTILITY,

and SPRING is the season when ANIMALs begin to mate

and  FLOWERs and trees pollinate and reproduce.

miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015

CARRACAS en Castilla & TXALAPARTAS en el País VASKO...

HOY en ESPAÑA ya no sonarán "las campanas de metál" hasta el Domingo de RESURRECCIÓN... así pués l@s CIUDADAN@S hacemos MUSIKA percusionando planchas de MÁDERA con PALOS de mádera.