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This book has not been written to compete either with school-textbooks, neither with SPANISH GRAMMAR books of 500 or 800 pages, aimed at University students and teachers.

This is a work directed to students and/or teachers of Primary and Secondary schools who wish to have compiled in 1 volume the numerous RULES and EXCEPTIONS - concerning Morphology and Syntax - which are "scattered" along the more than eighty lessons that may include studies of Primary and Secondary courses.

Due to the book format and number of pages this GRAMMAR provides EASY handling.

The structure and summary tables will be EASY to understand and memorize.

Because of its 40 pages about "Special Difficulties", and its 33 models of IRREGULAR verbs, you had wished to have been able to consult it long ago.

Its "INDEX" General “50 CLUES” and Alphabetical will make searching EASY.

The INDEX entitled “50 STEPS” is for structuring the teaching in 50 progressive steps from minor to greater difficulty.

The information given in the ANNEX about SPAIN will be also very useful for you all.

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- Tannay GARDENS -

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Castillo TEMPLARIO (Ponferrada)

Castillo TEMPLARIO (Ponferrada)
Castillo Templario * PONFERRADA (León)

miércoles, 18 de marzo de 2015

"NINOTS" (toys in paper) to be BURNT tomorrow in VALENCIA (Spain).

king & queen

EX-treasureR of the" Popular Party" (nowadays RULING in SPAIN)
WHO have our National Income in their private accounts in Fiscal PARADISES.

 The Mayor of VALENCIA with a young  member of the "Popular Party".

The PRESIDENT actually doesn't know what to say next...

because of the MiniSTeRs of the Spanish Government.

FALLAS of FIRE - 19th MARCH 2015 - VALENCIA (Spain)

FIRE-works, gunpowder, beautiful MONUMENTS made of paper, fresh FLOWERS, traditional costumes, WONDERFUL litin in streets, MUSIC everywhere, SATIRE against politicians, bank-men, judges, monarchy, good FOOD & drink, and a great deal of FUN are the ingredients of this unique cocktail known as the "FALLAS" in VALENCIA (Spain).

domingo, 8 de marzo de 2015


The first time that WOMEN's Suffrage is recognized in Spain was in the "CONSTITUTION  of the Second Spanish REPUBLIC" in 1931.

WOMEN had been recognized the right to stand for election, so they could be candidates. Although only 3 women were elected, they played a prominent role, especially the first two, in the debate whether to GRANT voting RIGHTS to women.

CLARA Campoamor, a member of the "G.O.P. Radical".

VICTORIA Kent in the "Radical Socialist Republican Party".

MARGARITA Nelken of the Spanish "Socialist Workers Party".