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This book has not been written to compete either with school-textbooks, neither with SPANISH GRAMMAR books of 500 or 800 pages, aimed at University students and teachers.

This is a work directed to students and/or teachers of Primary and Secondary schools who wish to have compiled in 1 volume the numerous RULES and EXCEPTIONS - concerning Morphology and Syntax - which are "scattered" along the more than eighty lessons that may include studies of Primary and Secondary courses.

Due to the book format and number of pages this GRAMMAR provides EASY handling.

The structure and summary tables will be EASY to understand and memorize.

Because of its 40 pages about "Special Difficulties", and its 33 models of IRREGULAR verbs, you had wished to have been able to consult it long ago.

Its "INDEX" General “50 CLUES” and Alphabetical will make searching EASY.

The INDEX entitled “50 STEPS” is for structuring the teaching in 50 progressive steps from minor to greater difficulty.

The information given in the ANNEX about SPAIN will be also very useful for you all.

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- Tannay GARDENS -

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Castillo TEMPLARIO (Ponferrada)

Castillo TEMPLARIO (Ponferrada)
Castillo Templario * PONFERRADA (León)

lunes, 23 de febrero de 2015

PISCIS (20th February - 20th March)

WATER SIGN with Cancer and Scorpio.

MUTABLE SIGN as Geminis, Virgo & Sagittarius.

Its symbol shows "two fish swimming in opposite directions" and so are -swimming in TWO DIRECTIONS- like most of those born under the influence of this Zodiac sign live. When their consciousness moves only at lower levels they are too selfish and EAGER, they lack vitality and energy, are undecided and always waiting for life to regale them with opportunities. They are imaginative and fanciful.

It is essential to live a pure and clean life because they are very MAGNETIC and prone to "absorb harmful influences" from others. With respect to health PISCIS natives are prone to tuberculosis and digestive disorders. They like the sea and all activities related with water. When they acquire "mastery of his passions and selfish desires" are very PATIENT, soft and submissive and have a peaceful and DEEP understanding. They are interested in the laws governing natural phenomena. They also are good artists.

Your inner nature or "destiny" is the SPIRITUALITY

ANATOMY:                FEET

KEYWORD:                understanding


POSITIVE Characters: - Intuitive - compassionate introspective - Artistic

Characters NEGATIVE: pessimistic - charlatan - impractical - repressed



REPRESENT: the "spiritual" impulse but also the "escapist impulse".

GOVERNING:  ideals - dreams - the mystery - the intangible - alcohol.

ANATOMY: spine - leukocytes - pineal gland - telepathic functions.

LUCKY numbers:         11 and 4
COLOUR:                     VIOLET
GEMS:             Sapphire-seawater / Amethyst / Ivory / Green Jade / Coral
METAL:           aluminum - platinum
FLORES: Orchid - Lotus - Jasmine - Daffodil - Lily - Honeysuckle - Algae.
PLANTS:  nutmeg - verbena sauce - mushroom - estramonio - peyote ***

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GAMELION in Athens... LUPERCALIA in Rome... Valentine's Day nowadays...

In the ancient Athenian calendar the period between mid-January and mid-February was the month of GAMELION, dedicated to the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera.
In Ancient RomeLVPERCALIA, observed February 13–15, was an archaic rite connected to fertility.
Lupercalia was a festival local to the city of Rome.
The more general Festival of Juno Februa, meaning "Juno the Purifier "or "the Chaste Juno", was celebrated on February 13–14.

Pope Gelasius I (492–496) abolished Lupercalia. 

Antigua GRECIA (550 - 220 a.C).